What was the biggest NHL loss?
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What was the biggest NHL loss?

What was the biggest NHL loss?

What was the biggest shut out of the Stanley Cup

Largest shutouts in Stanley Cup Final history

The Penguins beat up on the Minnesota North Stars in Game 6 of the 1991 Stanley Cup Final 8-0. Not only was the game bad enough, but it was also the series-clinching victory as the Penguins lifted the Cup in Minnesota.

What is the highest scoring NHL shutout

15- 0

Apparently, the Detroit Red Wings have the biggest shutout in NHL history, when they dominated one of the other Original 6 teams, the New York Rangers on January 23rd, 1944. The score was an astounding 15- 0 victory that still stands as the largest shutout in the NHL to date.

Who has the most goals in a NHL game

In addition to being first, Joe Malone holds the overall record with five five-or-more goal games, including the NHL record seven goals in a game, as well as a six-goal game and three five-goal games – all in the first three seasons of the NHL's existence.

Who has 0 Stanley Cups

The Coyotes, Sabres, Blue Jackets, Wild, Predators, Sharks, Jets, Senators, Canucks, Panthers and Kraken have never won a championship in NHL history. Out of the 11 teams, six have made at least one appearance in a Stanley Cup Final.

Has a Stanley Cup Game 7 ever gone to overtime

The NHL has played the best-of-seven Stanley Cup Final formats since 1939 as part of the incredible 125-year history of the most famous trophy in sports. However, despite the multiple matchups, there have only been 17 Game 7's, and only two of them have ended with a sudden-death overtime-winning goal.

Who scored 10 points in one game in the NHL

Darryl Sittler

The most points scored in a National Hockey League regular-season game: 10 (6g-4a) – Darryl Sittler, Toronto, vs. Boston, Feb. 7, 1976.

Has anyone scored 6 goals in the NHL

The record goes to Joe Malone who scored 7 for the Quebec Bulldogs in 1920. The record in the modern NHL is 6 goals by Red Berenson of the St. Louis Blues in 1968 and Darryl Sittler of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1976. Let's look at each of these nights and see what made them so special.

Who scored 5 goals in one game


Player Goals For
Peter Osgood 5 Chelsea
Lionel Messi 5 Barcelona
Luiz Adriano 5 Shakhtar Donetsk
Erling Haaland 5 Manchester City

Is there 1 Stanley Cup

There's only one Stanley Cup.

In almost all other sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, Olympics, etc.), a new trophy or medal is made for their respective champions each season. However, there is only one Stanley Cup. It is the oldest trophy is professional sports, dating back to 1893.

Who has 13 Stanley Cups

the Toronto Maple Leafs

The team with the most Stanley Cup wins is the Montreal Canadiens, who have won 23 Stanley Cups. The team with the second most Stanley Cup wins is the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have won 13 Stanley Cups.

Has anyone gone undefeated in Stanley Cup

The regular-season Montreal Canadiens' momentum did not stop as they played eight games, the minimum number to win the Stanley Cup. Montreal, in the process, became the last Cup winners in NHL history to go perfect in the playoffs to date.

Has anyone won the Stanley Cup in 4 games

In six seasons, the Stanley Cup champion won in a four-game sweep. Note: In all NHL playoff series from 1987-2011, 55 ended after a four-game sweep; 97 went the full seven games.

Who has 1,000 points in hockey

1,000-point scorers

Order reaching milestone Player A
1 Gordie Howe 1,049
38 Ron Francis 1,249
13 Marcel Dionne 1,040
37 Steve Yzerman 1,063

Who had 100 points in one game

Wilt Chamberlain

Cherry calls it the "ultimate picture" of Wilt Chamberlain. Chamberlain's 100 points is widely considered one of basketball's greatest records. Decades after his record, many NBA teams did not even average 100 points as fewer field goals per game were being attempted.

What if Wayne Gretzky never scored a goal

If Wayne Gretzky never scored a single goal, he would still be the NHL's all-time scoring leader with 1,963 points. It's one of the most incredulous stats in all of sports, one that best exemplifies The Great One's greatness.

Can Ovechkin pass Gretzky in goals

Capitals' Ovechkin passes Gretzky, sets NHL record for most 40-goal seasons. Alex Ovechkin has toppled one Wayne Gretzky record on his way to breaking another.

Has anyone scored 7 goals in a game

And only one player in history has ever scored seven goals in an NHL game—Maurice Joseph “Phantom Joe” Malone. Malone, skating for the Quebec Bulldogs, set the record more than 90 years ago, on Jan. 31, 1920, to be exact. Malone was the NHL's first star in its inaugural 1917-18 season.

Has Haaland scored 9 goals in a match

In May 2019, aged 18, Erling Haaland scored NINE goals in one game to help Norway beat Honduras 12-0 in the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Who owns Stanley Cup

While the NHL has maintained control over the trophy itself and its associated trademarks, the NHL does not actually own the trophy but uses it by agreement with the two Canadian trustees of the cup.

Has the Stanley Cup ever broke

It was the first time the Cup had been damaged on the ice, according to Phil Pritchard, the Hockey Hall of Fame's Keeper of the Cup. 2011: On Boston Bruins' Michael Ryder's day with the Cup, the trophy fell off a table at a media event in St.

What player lost 3 Stanley Cups in a row

Perry went on to lose his third consecutive Stanley Cup Finals with a third different team, becoming the first player in NHL history to do so.

Has any NHL team come back from 2 0

In the history of the Stanley Cup Finals, only five teams have come back from a 2-0 deficit to win the series and the title. Those five include the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs, the 1966 and 1971 Montreal Canadiens, the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins, and the 2011 Boston Bruins.

How fast did Gretzky get 1000 points

Gretzky scored his first 1,000 points faster (424 games) than any other player in NHL history, and scored the second 1,000 faster (433 games) than any player other than himself. Gretzky's point total including regular season and playoffs stands at an imposing 3,239 (1,016 goals, 2,223 assists).

How many players have 800 goals in hockey

Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin scored his 18th, 19th and 20th goals of the season on Tuesday against the Chicago Blackhawks at United Center to become the third player in NHL history to reach the 800-goal mark, joining Hall of Famers Gordie Howe (801) and Wayne Gretzky (894).

Who scored 82 points in a game

Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic combine to score 82 points to make Mavericks history in win over 76ers.

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