Who is fastest in BTS?
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Who is fastest in BTS?

Who is fastest in BTS?

Who is BTS fastest runner

BTS Jungkook is the “Fastest Asian” and the "Second Fastest Person overall” after Cristiano Ronaldo to surpass 20 Million views on Instagram.

Who types the fastest in BTS

RM. According to Jungkook, RM is the fastest typist in BTS. That's a good thing because this verbose intellectual has lots to say!

What is Jungkook’s Guinness World Record

On May 26, Guinness World Records officially announced that BTS's Jimin had become the fastest male K-pop solo artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify after achieving this feat in just 393 days. The record was previously held by Jimin's bandmate Jungkook, who surpassed 1 billion streams in 409 days.

Who is the most skilled in BTS

Jungkook is overall the most talented member of BTS and it isn't even close. He's the best vocalist, one of the better dancers, can rap and has the visuals.

Who is Korea’s fastest rapper in BTS

Top 10 Fastest Kpop Rappers of All Time#1 Outsider – 24sps.#2 Changbin (Stray Kids) – 11.13sps.#4 Zelo (B.A.P) – 10.12sps.#6 Suga (BTS) – 9.83sps.#8 RM (BTS) – 9.24sps.#10 Mino (WINNER) – 8.50sps.

Who is the fastest K-pop

As it stands, Jungkook still holds the title as the fastest K-pop soloist to achieve the feat. For context, Miley Cyrus' song 'Flowers', the lead single from her 'Endless Summer Vacation' album, recently hit the billion-stream milestone in just 112 days after its release on 12 January.

Who is the hardest member in BTS

He's BTS' hardest worker.

It's undeniable that every member of BTS works extremely hard (how could you not when you're part of the biggest boy band in the world), but the boys have pointed out several times that Jimin has the "practice bug," aka, an extraordinary will to rehearse non-stop.

Who are the 3 main rappers in BTS

But unless you're familiar with K-pop, who goes where can be confusing.RM – Leader, Main Rapper. RM of BTS.Jungkook – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Center/Face of the group, Maknae.Jimin – Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer.Jin – Vocalist, Visual.J-Hope – Lead Rapper, Main Dancer.Suga – Lead Rapper.V – Vocalist.

Is Blackpink broke BTS record

According to the Guinness World Records, Blackpink's Lisa previously held the title with a record of 411 days before BTS' Jungkook broke the record in 409 days, on March 27.

How many records did V break

V himself holds two Guinness world records for being the fastest person ever to have garnered 1 million and 10 million followers on the Gram. So, their nonchalance may arise from simply having two many records under their name.

Who is the best performance in BTS

BTS' performance at the 2019 Mnet Music Awards is remembered for more reasons than one but one of the most pivotal reasons is that ARMYs really saw BTS' oldest born, Jin also known as 'Worldwide Handsome's true power. This solo stage entry performance on 'Danger' from Jin is dubbed as the epitome of handsomeness.

Who is the most talented singer in BTS

BTS's Jungkook Named One Of The Greatest Singers Of All Time By Rolling Stone — US BTS ARMY.

Who is the 3 fastest rapper in KPop

Top 10 Fastest Kpop Rappers of All Time#1 Outsider – 24sps.#2 Changbin (Stray Kids) – 11.13sps.#4 Zelo (B.A.P) – 10.12sps.#6 Suga (BTS) – 9.83sps.#8 RM (BTS) – 9.24sps.#10 Mino (WINNER) – 8.50sps.

Who is no 1 fastest rapper in KPop

RM is the fastest rapper in Korea. He showed impressive rap speed in the solo hit Joke, where he attained a magnificent speed of 9.24 syllables per second. He was nicknamed RM after appearing in the Mnet documentary 4things Show-Rap Monster in 2014.

Who is the hottest K-pop in the world

1. Jin. Jin of BTS took first place on the list for men.

Who is the badass in BTS

The badass

Agust D is a nod to the BTS rapper's stage name , as well as his hometown. The D and T stand for Daegu Town, while Agus is just Suga spelled backward.

Who is the calmest in BTS

Often made fun of by other members for being too lazy or uninterested in high activity tasks, Suga is the perfect example of an introvert. He shines in isolation, quietly working on producing music and script writing in his genius lab. The other members always go to him for calm and sensible advice.

Who is the best visual in BTS

BTS' V has always been touted as the king of performances and visuals. In an impressive feat, he recently became the only idol to have 18 fancams with over 10 million views each.

Which BTS member is best at rapping

First we have main rapper and leader of BTS, Kim Namjoon (RM). RM was previously an underground rapper before debuting with BTS and has released 2 mixtapes so far. He is 24 years old and produces and writes a majority of BTS' songs. He is known for being extremely clumsy as well as really smart, with an IQ of 148.

Who broke BTS record

NewJeans has broken a Guinness World Record that was previously held by BTS' Jungkook and BLACKPINK's Lisa. The girl group – the first act to debut on HYBE imprint ADOR – has now become the fastest K-pop act to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Who broke the record of K-pop

NewJeans is the latest K-pop girl group to break the Guinness World Record for "Fastest K-pop act to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify." They pulled it off in 219 days, unseating BTS, the band that pulled off the same with Jungkook in 409 days.

Who is the crush of V

BTS' V also piqued that his celebrity crush is the 'Notebook' star Rachel McAdams as well as 'Emily In Paris' star Lilly Collins.

Which K-pop idol has broken the most records

BTS earned the Guinness world record for the best-selling album in South Korea with their 2021 release Map of the Soul: 7. It also became the first album in Korean history to be certified 5x Million on Circle Chart (Gaon) and The Korea Music Content Association (KMCA) for surpassing 5 million sales in November 2022.

Who is the very best singer in BTS

BTS's Jungkook Named One Of The Greatest Singers Of All Time By Rolling Stone — US BTS ARMY.

Who is the 2 most popular in BTS

2nd rank: Jungkook

Now in the second place on this list of BTS member who has the most fans is no other than the golden (and favorite) maknae, Jungkook!

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