Will Pujols make Hall of Fame?
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Will Pujols make Hall of Fame?

Will Pujols make Hall of Fame?

Is Pujols an all time great

Pujols finished his career near the top of the lists of many of baseball's most notable statistics: 703 Home Runs: 4th all-time (behind Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, and Babe Ruth) 2,218 RBI: 3rd all-time (behind Ruth) 3,384 Hits: 10th all-time.

Will Miguel Cabrera be in the Hall of Fame

Miguel Cabrera will retire from Major League Baseball after the 2023 season as one of the most prolific hitters in the history of the game, and a certain first ballot Hall of Famer. On the field, “Miggy” is a mere shadow of his former self, but still a main attraction wherever he goes.

Who isn’t in the baseball Hall of Fame that should be

3), Roger Clemens (No. 13), Pete Rose (No. 60), Curt Schilling (No. 88), Shoeless Joe Jackson, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Gary Sheffield, Manny Ramirez and others — are not in the Hall of Fame, and nobody is sure what will be the fate of Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz, though early signs aren't too good.

What year is Ichiro eligible for Hall of Fame

This means that Ichiro, who retired from the MLB in 2019, will not be eligible for the Hall of Fame until 2025.

Is Albert Pujols better than Derek Jeter

While Jeter has more career hits and All-Star game appearances, Pujols bests Jeter in home runs, RBI and slugging percentage. Pujols was also a three-time NL MVP with the Cardinals and a six-time Silver Slugger at first base. Jeter, on the other hand, have five Silver Sluggers and zero MVPs.

What are the chances Pujols hits 700

Fanduel Sportsbook gives the 42-year-old Cardinals slugger -210 odds — meaning a $210 bet would win $100 — to reach the mark by the end of the 2022 regular season. The odds are +270 that he will not reach 700 by year's end.

Is Max Scherzer a future Hall of Famer

With over 3,000 strikeouts and 3 Cy Young Awards under his belt, Max Scherzer is a lock to be inducted into the National Hall of Fame and Museum six years after he retires. However, Scherzer is far from done. Last December, he signed a 3-year, $130 million contract with the Mets.

Is Mookie Betts a future Hall of Famer

Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star Mookie Betts is one of the best hitters in MLB, but his offensive ability combined with elite defensive ability is what puts him in the superstar tier of players, and makes him a likely future Hall of Famer.

Is anyone with 3000 hits not in the Hall of Fame

All eligible players with 3,000 or more career hits have been elected to the Hall except Palmeiro and Rodriguez, whose careers have been tainted by steroid allegations, and since 1962 all except Biggio were elected on the first ballot.

Will Barry Bonds get in the Hall of Fame

Commentary: Barry Bonds didn't make the Hall of Fame.

Who was the youngest Hall of Famer

On January 19, 1972, former Los Angeles Dodgers left-handed pitcher Sandy Koufax was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. At 36 years and 20 days old, Koufax became the youngest player to ever be inducted.

Will Albert Pujols break Babe Ruth’s record

Albert Pujols hits his 703 HR, passes Babe Ruth on MLB all-time RBI list. ST. LOUIS (AP) — Albert Pujols hit his 703rd career home run during Monday night's Pirate's game, passing Babe Ruth on the all-time RBI list Monday, claiming the second spot with 2,215 RBIs, behind Hank Aaron who had 2,297.

Can Albert Pujols break the record

With the average of 42 home runs per season, Pujols would finish with 828 home runs. That number is out of reach because as he ages, the 42 HR per year average will dip. A reasonable average would be 36, which would amount to a career total of 768, six more than current record holder Barry Bonds.

How much will Pujols 700th HR ball be worth


It opened at $25,000 on Oct. 25 and reached a final sale of $360,000, including the buyers premium. Pujols, who retired after the season, hit his 700th home run on Sept.

What records can Pujols break

Total Bases and Extra Hits

Pujols has 5,923 career total bases entering 2022. Per MLB.com if he gets his average 210 bases Pujols would have 6,133 total bases. Next up on the list is Barry Bonds at 5,976, Willie Mays at 6,066, Stan Musial at 6,134, and Hank Aaron with 6,856.

Is Carlos Correa a future Hall of Famer

Correa provides tremendous defensive value, which will also be part of his Hall of Fame resume. He's posted a 129 OPS+ for his career, including a 140 OPS+ during the 2022 season. These are outstanding totals, but he will fare poorly with traditional Hall of Fame counting statistics like hits and home runs.

Can Aaron Judge make the Hall of Fame

In his first 10 All-Star seasons in Seattle, starting at age 27, the iconic center fielder batted . 331, averaged 38 stolen bases and won the Gold Glove award each time. Makes it to Cooperstown Yes.

Who will make MLB Hall of Fame 2023

Helton was named on 72.2 percent of the ballots, falling just 11 votes shy of the 292-vote minimum. Wagner earned 68.1 percent of the vote. Jeff Kent received 46.5 percent of the vote in his 10th and final year on the ballot.

Who is in the 4000 hit club

Listed are all Major League Baseball players who have reached the 2,000 hit milestone during their career in MLB. Pete Rose holds the Major League record for most career hits, with 4,256. Rose and Ty Cobb, second most, are the only players with 4,000 or more career hits.

Who has 3,000 hits and 700 hrs

There are only 4 players as of 2023 who have 3000 hits and 700 home runs. They are Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Albert Pujols.

Will Mark McGwire make the Hall of Fame

McGwire never made it to the Hall of Fame either, also because of his reported steroid use. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and other big names from the “Steroid Era” were also bypassed along with Sosa.

Why is Roger Clemens not a Hall of Famer

Bonds, Clemens and Curt Schilling were all rejected in their 10th and final year on the BBWAA ballot. Bonds is the sport's career home run leader and Clemens won a record seven Cy Young Awards, but voters denied them the game's highest honor over suspicions they used performance-enhancing drugs.

What NFL Hall of Famer has the shortest career

Nevers, who was inducted in 1963, played just 54 games in the NFL for the Duluth Eskimos (1926-27) and Chicago Cardinals (1929-31). It is the fewest number of games and seasons of anyone in the Hall of Fame.

Who is the oldest living NFL Hall of Famer

At the time of his death, Trippi was the oldest living member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as the oldest living No. 1 NFL draft pick. On December 14, 2021, Trippi turned 100, becoming the second Pro Football Hall of Famer to reach that milestone, after Clarence "Ace" Parker.

Who caught Albert Pujols 703 ball

Mike Hutcheson

The ball also accounted for career RBIs 2,215 and 2,216, a total that passed Babe Ruth's for second-most all-time (trailing only Hank Aaron and his 2,297 RBIs). Mike Hutcheson of rural Clinton County holds the baseball hit by Albert Pujols for the Cardinals' 703rd and last career home run.

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