Who is Riku's love interest?
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Who is Riku’s love interest?

Who is Riku's love interest?

Who is rikus love interest

Overtime, Riku developed a strong interest in and eventually fell in love with Towa.

Is Riku in love with Kairi

Though he never actually admitted it, many fans have come to the conclusion that Riku had romantic feelings for Kairi in the first game. Everything that he did was in order to save her after he found her in a comatose-like state.

Does Kairi like Sora or Riku

Through all of it, Kairi has always seemed like she cares about Sora as more than a friend, and Sora has confirmed his feelings for her, but Kingdom Hearts is notorious for teasing couples that never fully follow through.

What is the relationship between Riku and Sora

Sora and Riku have been best friends since very early in their childhood. They had a friendly rivalry and always sparred together with their wooden swords, while maintaining great admiration for each other. Sora and Riku both shared the desire to travel to other worlds and this only intensified after Kairi arrived.

Who is Riku shipped with

Also Known As. RikuNami is the het ship between Riku and Naminé from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.

Who is Roxas shipped with


RokuShi is the het ship between Roxas and Xion from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.

Does Kairi have a crush on Sora

Sora and Kairi first meet as young children sometime between Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts I. They become close friend and perhaps even have childhood crushes on each other, as evidenced by the drawings they made in the Secret Place that depict them exchanging paopu fruits with each other.

Does Kairi like Momo

Momo is Kairi's classmate and crush and later girlfriend who saved him from drowning two years prior.

Do Sora and Kairi ever kiss

The kiss is never shown in the game as Kairi simply gives Sora her good luck charm, and the manga being non-canon to the franchise.

Who is Sora dating Kingdom Hearts


Relationship. Sora and Kairi first meet as young children sometime between Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts I.

Does Sora fall in love

Yes, they are in love with each other. Being in love doesn't have to be romantic, it can also be platonic or familial love. So, yes, they are indeed in love with each other.

Is Riku in love with Towa

This takes place about 2-3 years after the events of Season 2. Riku and Towa grow a lot closer and are officially a couple.

Who is Riku Birth by Sleep

Riku is a very young boy at the start of Birth by Sleep living on the Destiny Islands. He was originally chosen to be a Keyblade wielder by Terra when he visited Destiny Islands during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Who is Xion shipped with

Our preferred agent UPS takes care of the shipment from our warehouse to your door.

Who did Sora marry

1 Marries Matt

The most controversial fact most Digimon hardcore fans remember is in Sora's epilogue, she winds up being married to Matt.

Who did Momo end up with

Kairi Okayasu

Kairi Okayasu

Kairi is Momo's first kiss and the person she ends up with at the end of the series.

Who does Momo date

Momo Adachi is the protagonist in Peach Girl. She has loved Kazuya "Toji" Toujigamori for many years, although later on, she finds herself falling in love with Kairi Okayasu.

What gender is Sora


Sora is a gender-neutral name of mixed origin. From its Japanese origin, the definition is "sky," but in Korean is means "conch shell." If baby is brimming with heritage from these cultures, what better celebration of the colaboration than this

Who does Sora fall in love with

Kairi is the tritagonist of the Kingdom Hearts video game series. Kairi is also a Princess of Heart, one of seven maidens whose hearts hold no darkness but only pure light, and is needed to open the Final Keyhole to Kingdom Hearts. She is Sora and Riku's best friend and Sora's love interest.

Does Haruka end up with Sora

Haruka finds Sora, and his attempt to stop her from going deeper into the lake nearly ends in them drowning. Days later the two leave the place to live together overseas in the city where an artisan who had connections with their parents lived, hoping to find happiness elsewhere.

Why does Towa dress like a boy

Her adopted father, Sota Higurashi, comments on her clothes and asks why she's wearing a boy's school uniform. Her response is that she wants to wear them because they're essentially easier to move around in, letting the audience know that Towa does things her way, not the way that society wants her to.

How old is Riku in KH3

3 Riku. Riku is one of Sora's closest childhood friends. At roughly a year older, this would put Riku at approximately 16-17 years old in KH3.

Who is Anzu most shipped with

Primarily – Anzu is preferred to be shipped with Kaoru,Madara, and certain members of Knights- namely Leo, Izumi and Tsukasa (In Japan, at least).

Who is Todoroki’s crush

Shoto Todoroki, a boy who's loved by many. A boy who has almost every fangirl of his, wrapped around his finger, is in love with his best friend. Izuku Midoriya. Realizing his feelings, he becomes more attached to Izuku.

Who is Shoto Todoroki wife

Suzuki is the firstborn daughter of Icy Hot (Shoto Todoroki) and his wife Creati (Momo Yaoyorozu) her parents both come from distinguished heroic lineages and both are consistently ranked among the top ten heroes.

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